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Hey guys, i'm Eero John Oco a New York City street fashion photographer. Welcome to Vakku Society. This blog is an online gallery of how i view the city as i meet the locals and tourists and take their best angles.

She is one of the first people i've ever approached and photographed. met this young lady on the F train, i just could not help but notice that she had an anti social hat on with her hijab. it's very common for muslim girls to indulge in street wear so even though i felt extremely shy and hesitant, i dug deep and went up to her and asked for her to be photographed.

She said NO,

She said no you cant take a photo of me face to face, but you can take a photo of me from the side. Dont let her cool outfit fool you she will soon to be a rocket engineer.

#streetfashion #streetfashionphotography #fashion #vakkusociety #EeroJohnOcophotography

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