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Eero John Oco is a Filipino American Photographer based out of New York City known for his unique style and approach to his subjects. His curiosity to find out more about them creates a pictorial narrative that is captured by the spontaneous relationship between the photographer and the people that he encounters.


Photographing the current street style fashion trends are his passion, capturing the raw essence that drives many emotional effects from all the cultural sensory overload and visual alchemy that many major cities around the world offer.  Eero delivers his daily photographic essay parading in his home base of New York City's SOHO, Lower East Side, Chelsea Districts, and just recently back from LONDON, UK and Paris France

Eero is excited to document and show his ever growing fan base who take what they wear seriously.  He is the principal founder of The Street RUNWAYS.  Follow him on Instagram @thestreetrunways.


"It's always a special moment finding very unique people walking the streets of Manhattan and many other cities that take their fashion tastes seriously. "

Eero John Oco Street Style Fashion Photographer

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